Saturday, December 15, 2007

FUN a poem

I want to have some FUN.
They are having FUN .
Let us have some FUN.
We can all have FUN.
Let's partake of some FUN.
I like having FUN.
I enjoy FUN
Some wish they had more FUN.
Some don't have much FUN.
Is FUN in short supply?
I know let's make some FUN.
This is hard, It is no longer FUN
Alas, I have ran out of FUN

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cheddar Sighting

Susan saw Cheddar this morning. He was in the back yard. He was not in the box, this is an older picture. Anyway, Susan called to him and he turned and looked at her. Guess he lost all the picture of Susan he had and may had some problems figuring out who she was.
She tried to coax him by tapping on a food bowl, this techinque has worked on me a few times.
Normally he would know what that meant and would go for the food, however this time, he just turned and ran away.
At least we know that the is alive, and he looks fine. I quess he has another place for food and being the street cat, we know and love, he is taken advantage of another's home.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Three Cat Theory

The three cat theory, is a theory based on the best optimal number of cats any one can own at any one time, any more will lead to the over saturation of the environment and may have an effect on a galactic scale. Again please understand this is only a theory. Further scientific study may be required, but not by this blogger. One thing that gets in my way is the facts.

The cats by order, Bobby, Katrine and Buddy. Guess which one is the young guy of the group, yeppers, that is Buddy, he and I understand each other. Yes , that is a string in his mouth, where else is he gonna put it? Katrine likes to look out the window, I think she is trying to figure out if there is a real reason to go out there, when she can eat and sleep inside. And lastly there is Bobby, if you could read her mind it would be screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" But being a cat she has to hold back the emotion.

We had a fourth cat Cheddar, which arrived (We did not go out looking, they just showed up ) after we lost two of our original three (Raleigh and Cosmo) then Katrine arrived, and Bobby has been here from the beginning. So that brought the number back to three. And no other cats showed up, however, later on, we got wind of another cat, and it showed up at our neighbors house, kinda like a holding area. Well one thing lead to another, and well we adopted, Buddy, which pushed the total over three.

This put strain on the population of cats in the area, i.e the house and yard. I am sure there are folks with more than three cats, but they have many other issues to deal with. So it is not like you can not have more than three, but it demands another theory all to itself.

Cheddar is and always will be a free spirit, he lives by his own rules, unless there is food involved and he can make some adjustments, but in the end it is his own terms. So it seemed that at least Cheddar understood The Cat Theory and realized that the cute yet mischief Buddy was here to stay, and he alone had to bring balance to the house, kind of a Jedi moment if you ask me.

So now we are back to three cats, Bobby the older, Katrine the younger sister, and Buddy the little brother.

Now to explain the Three Cat Theory.

One cat is okay, but it has no one to play with or blame things on. So therefore a second cat to play with and cast blame onto and a third is needed to allow the other two time to rest and to have someone they can plot against. If you bring in a forth, they could split up into gangs and then would end up fighting over turf and litter boxes. Plus if all four might team up against us, and could surround us, and well that is just not gonna happen.

The intresting thing about our cats, is that each one is somewhat like the one they replaced.

I hope you enjoyed the theory.