Saturday, March 12, 2011

It has been a while

It has been a while since I have blogged, seems that there is not that much to blog about. I mean there are thousand things to blog about, but really how much to be read. I just happend to be looking at my own blog.

Been almost two years, since my last blog.

So let me up date.
Car is running
Flagstone parking lot is still there
Buddy is Buddy

I may try to blog more, but for now, this is the best I can do......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to survive a sore throat and the Christmas holiday

One thing the bothers me the most is a sore throat, it's not enough to slow you down, but just enough to want to. I am at the end of a couple of weeks of dealing with a sore throat.

This one happened at the end of last year, so now I have an entire year to get another sore throat. Which will happen around the start of spring. How do I know that? And since this is the premise of this blog, I will tell you how I know.

For the longest time I would get a sore throat at the beginning of spring. It took me a while to figure this out, but the first thing would be, my head would get kinda fuzzy (this could also be the reason it took me a while to figure it out), my throat would get scratchy, and then my nose would get stuffy then the final stage was blowing my nose...and then all would be right in the world.

I did not need any major medication, just some hard candy to ease the scratchiness, a cup of hot tea and a few aspirin. The cause of this was my sinuses...yeap simple as that, Due to pollen and a shift of weather, from winter to spring, from breathing clear to sneezing.

But since the weather now shifts more frequently I am prone to get one during the end of the year when the weather changes are more severe...So now I am guesses you are wondering what this has to do with Christmas.

It got cold around Christmas, and it very busy at work, I was also getting that fuzzy head, the scratchy throat and the I wanna lay down and die feeling. The roughest part is the scratchy throat and sleeping, it seems that they don't like each other, and I am stuck in the middle.

So for Christmas I was at the end of the scratchy throat phase and into the more subtle stuffy nose stage, but at least my head was clear, or more less fuzzy, but as it seem this is been a life long affliction, that I have learned to live or rather co-exist with.

Due to many various career choices and my family honors the birth of Christ during the day prior to the rest of the known world, has been a challenge and tends to limit my options.

So if I have to work with a sore throat, stuffy nose and fuzzy head, then I will spend time with my family even though for a short time on the day before Christmas. The food, fun and fellowship was short but very sweet.

Now a week into the new year, a tasty new year meal with my family and now that my wife is at the end of her own illness, life is good

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Like Pulling Teeth

Have you ever heard the phrase "It's like pulling teeth." Most of the time when this is used, it means something is difficult to do. I am going to have to rethink how I use that phrase from now on.

I have always disliked someone sticking me with sharp needles. Dislike is not the right word, I need a word to describe a deep rooted terror of having a stranger inflict pain and I have to stand there and take it. I have no problem drawing a picture, or a bath but when it comes to having to draw blood, I ..well...just...would rather not.

I don't recall a time when I looked forward for this to happen or when the first time it did happen, or why I became so darn scared. In the grand scheme of things, which is my way of saying of all of what happens in one's life, getting stuck with a needle is about as serious as a paper cut. But then again, I am not going anywhere to get a paper cut, they just happen. I don't have to anticipate the sheer terror of the paper slicing my finger. I can watch movies where aliens are attacking, crazed killers on a rampage, but a scene where someone is getting stuck with a needle and I am cringing like a baby.

This leads me to dentist, which is another of those things that I would prefer not doing. The eye doctor is not so bad, but there is one thing I could not stand, and that was having my eyes checked for glaucoma. The doctor would use a device, not like they use now, with the puff of air, but a small thing he would place on my eye..Oh the terror!

What I don't understand is when one goes for a checkup, they do things to make you feel bad, but when you feel bad, then they do things to make you feel better, what is up with that?

So yesterday I went to have a tooth removed, it was not doing right and needed to go, I found out about this two years ago, and it was not bothering me then, so I figure I would not bother it either. A week ago the tooth decided it was time to go, so it let me know. I would have it removed, on the grounds of it not being fun to have around anymore.

I guess if I was not so darn squeamish about going to the doctors, I would like to study how the body works as a whole. That it is more a working machine with a design and not just a random construct which evolved by trial and error.

I was not as frighten as I would have been, I knew it needed to be done and that it was not going to be a problem. When asked if I wanted to be put to sleep, before the nurse completed the word, I replied with a hearthy "Yeah".

Susan and I arrived on time and filled out the paper work, and lucky there were no paper cuts, so things were going good. I had already stocked up on pudding and ice cream, so I was ready.

I have learned to relax, to breath slowly and steady, and just to get over it. To let myself go with the flow. This was working great till the nurse started taking my blood pressure, which I don't like either..squeezing me like that...but as always this is done once and it is over, but alas I hoped too soon. She told me it was gonna be on there for the entire time, taking the pressure every so often during the surgery. Then there was this machine making beeping noises, and I was wondering what about me was making it beat, it would beat a few times and then faster, then stop, then beat a few times and then faster, there was a pattern, I tried to drowned it out..see the relaxing techinque above.

The doctor arrived and told me the ups and downs of the procedure, and that there could be a 1 percent chance of having some permanent numbness in my lip due to the nerves. I was about to asking him how many times he has done this and if any of them had the numbness, cause if he had done this like 99 times without a problem..well then I knew it would be me. I did not ask, as I always say, Ask not, know not.

However I did make it clear that we were all talking about the same tooth..that was something that was crucial..well at least for me. They called it tooth number 32, I called it the bottom back tooth, on the right, next to my finger..see look, this tooth..

He then reached for my arm. The answer to my question was realized, the method of administering the anesthesia. Yes you got it ...a needle to the arm..duh! What no gas? No blunt instument to the back of the head. It had to be a needle....okay I am there, we are all adults. In all seriousness, I did what the doctor told me, make a fist, and don't move. That was the about all I could do, since they did strap my arm move on their part.

What really concerned me was the slight noises the doctor was making as if he was having problems with the needle. Hey Doc!..I am the one that has the problem... He poured ice water on the spot to "numb" the area..look Doc, at this point either stick or get off the arm. It is crunch time, ..GET IT DONE!!! Ya better open that pipeline and let that drug do it's magic..times a wasting.

I think that a big difference between someone that is crazy and someone that is sane, has to so with what one says what is on their mind...out loud.

Well the drugs took effect, and the next thing I knew I was in another room, I saw my wife looking at me and a nurse asking me how I was doing..which I guess she understands mumbling, cause they let me go.

One neat thing that is on the list of things to do after the operation was "the patient SHOULD" get a milkshake....not to shabby.

Over all it has been a good experience. Although I felt fine, a bit numb, a little pain..bout normal for me on a day to day wife stayed home with me, fixing me soup, asking my how I am doing..and just being concerned. That was the nice part of the day..knowing she was there.

So the next time I complain about how difficult something is to do, I will not use the phrase "It's like pulling teeth." but rather "It's like paying the bill for pulling teeth"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I may have spoken too soon about blogging in July

In the last blog I stated that July was a dry blogging month, well I may have been a bit early in making that announcement. I gots another blog to do, and it is just under the wire. Lots has happened in the last 48 hours.

I bought and sold a vehicle. I sold my Ford Explorer which was on it's last legs, or axles as the case may be. I bought a 2008 Chevolet Aveo LS. I wanted to get a smaller car and to save gas mileage as well.

Two weeks ago I started looking, and then I found this vehicle. More or less stumbled upon it, yesterday, took it for a test drive, was offered a price, I wanted to check another place and they were able to beat the first dealer, by a little. I called the first dealer to let them know I may be getting a car elsewhere and before I could tell them anything, they gave me a much better price, so I called back the other dealer to let them know and they countered with a much better offer, which I took. Had I been impolite, and not called to let the know, I would have not gotten as good a deal.

Now onto the Ford Explorer, the last few cars I have had, were donated to the kidney foundation, and I used it as a tax deduction. I was planning to do the same with the explorer, due to the transmission which was wearing out, as well as having a non-cooling air conditioner, or as I would call it, my inboard hair dryer, and since I have not much hair, I did not need that extra feature.

I took the Explorer to my dad's so he could try to sell it, today I went over and cleaned out the car and washed it. My dad took it to a neighborhood auto shop, to have the guy check it out, and he was given an offer to buy it. I was offered a bit more than I would have be okay to sell it for and sold it.

So July still ended as a low blogging month. And the neat thing is that I was able to do all the car dealing with the help of my dad.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

July a dry blogging month

It seems that July has been a dry blogging month for me. I guess it is the heat, or my new work schedule, or looking for a new car, or making new creatures for SPORE.

SPORE? You ask...uh what is SPORE? It is a computer game. Well actually it is a number of computer games smashed into one single game. For those that are not computer gamers may not understand, but most games can be put into groups. I have not yet played the actually game, but have been working with the creature editor. With the editor, one can create any number of animated creatures like those seen in a Pixar movie. The game is being released on September 7, 2008. If you are intrested please drop by for my review.

I moved to another department in my job, and have to deal with the new aspects of what to do, and well it is more like being thrown into a situation and having to make it work. Which is fine but somewhat frustrating. It is that when I was done with work, I just was not up for any blogging.

I have wanted to get another car, for reasons of gas, as well as it is getting about time to get a new vehicle. I don't drive that much, work is close as well as any where I need to go, however, I still need a car. The other thing about my car is the transmission is messing up and has been for a while, as well as the air conditioner does not work. I could spend $1500.00 to fix the transmission and some more for the air conditioner, but then I would still be driving a car I don't like. I will be going car shopping with my Dad and it will be fun for us to harrass the sales people. By the way, the other week when we when looking at the cars, the sale person said they were flying off the be careful when you go past a Toyota lot.

I will need to do any update on the parking area, which is operational, as much as parking a car on it, but there is more to do, and we now have two more pallets of flagstone. Will it ever end? Oh and there is talk of getting railroad ties to boarder the parking area...oh what joy it will be, hauling that around.

July is about over and I need to do a blog, at least once a month. So this is that blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have decided to post yet another blog about blogs.

It seems that there are thousands of blogs laying around cyberspace and most are unique, but basically it is one person's means to express themselves, or at least communicate something that others will find as having value.

Most of what I blog is for my family, therefore limiting the meaning or value of the blog to those not related. Unless they find my family interesting for themselves. I find some personal blogs interesting, but I'm not going to invite it over for dinner and a movie. I have no time for Blogs that are out to sell something. Not the ones with an ad, but when the entire blog is about what they are selling.

I have a cluster map which shows that there are many people looking at my blog. I did post a poll to find out which of my favorite television shows were liked by those that visited my blog and for 6 days only one person responded and stated they did not like them. One person..that's like 100% of the number of people that participated in the poll did not like my favorite shows. What up with that? There have been 200 people visit my blog, I know at least 19 of those folks. So who are the other 181? And which one answered my poll?

I think my stuff is interesting. Jorge Garcia, the guy that plays Hugo Reyes on LOST, one of my favorite television shows that was listed in the poll (see above), he has a blog. He post about stuff, just normal everyday stuff, like growing plants, his dog, or the time he was in Monte Carlo. Okay touring Monte Carlo is not normal everyday stuff, well not for me anyway. However, he gets lots more comments than I do. I post about normal stuff, well not Monte Carlo. My time with my family at the beach was great and normal. I guess I would have to be an actor starring in a hit show, to get more comments. Still a comment would be nice, maybe I will blog about something controversial

It seems that I have gotten to my preset limit on the length of a blog. I think the longer blogs are not read as much as shorter ones. Maybe I will post a poll on the length preferences that folks like to read, and if they like or don't like to make comments.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day at the Beach Part Three

A day at the beach part three.

It has been about a month since the beach trip, however, there are still a few more things left to share about my time with my family.

This "Day at the Beach" blog is about my mom. She is a special lady. She is patience, caring and very helping. She is a great Mom!

She loves to spend time with her Greatgrand children.

Savannah and...

Mason, to name a few.

She likes cooking for the family.......

She enjoys visting with friends...

And to go on walks with her husband.

She is a great Grandmother, Mother, Friend, Wife, Cook and Housekeeper

I am proud of my Mom.

I am not ashamed to be out in public with her at my Dad's 80th birthday dinner.
But when the cards hit the table and the shuffler come out..

She is a sight to behold.

She whooped up on her sons, with the help of my wife Susan. When it comes to Canasta, my mom become a machine..but not an adding my dad states.

She don't cheat just makes math errors...
Seriously, I love playing cards with my mom..who wouldn't..well someone that don't like to lose..that's who.