Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Week at the Beach Part One

A week at the beach, part one.
Yeap, that's about it, when looking out over the great expanse, the final frontier, the big blue sea, well you get the point. It just keeps on keeping on, wave after wave. All I did was step in.
Do you think the hat is a bit much? It is either that or sunburn on the ole noggin. It was very windy the day we walked on the beach and had much to be concerned with like loosing my hat, and what hair I have left..However, Katelyn, figure out an intresting was to keep from being blown away..
Lucky for her, she had friends and family about, to make sure any wayward dogs, did not find their way to her spot on the beach.

There was one person in our group that was not effected by the blustering wind, because he moved a bit faster than the malstrom..
Tornado Tyler, Joe and Amy's son and Savannah's younger brother. Here is a better picture to see what happens when Tyler is confinded indoors.
What Tyler lacked in staying in one place, he made up in just being so darn cute.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Laying Flagstone or How to Drop Flat Rocks

Previously on.....Extremely Slow Yard Makeover.
Phase One: Digging the dirt, aka clay aka red mushing stuff when it is wet or red cumbly stuff when it is dry.
Phase Two: Covering the area with a base of gravel, and leveling it as much as possible which is more not as possible as it is possible since the area has a slight slope. You think that is confusing, try leveling on a slope.
Phase Three: Spreading a layer of sand, or creating a tempting bathroom for the local feline residents

Now we are into Phase Four: The laying of the flagstone.

There are many way to express oneself, the written word or painting on a canvas. I've always looked for way to express myself through art and for me writing is bout right, however there are other means that I have explored. I have found out that placing flagstone as a means of artistic expression is not the way to go. It is not as complex as other venues, just carry and drop.

This is the best help anywhere, My Dad, who I think is part mule due to how hard he works, not to mention his near-mule like stubbornness.
Picture by Mom

I am glad my Mom was there, so she could hang out with us while we worked, she read and took a few pictures.
Picture by Susan

This is Buddy, he just watched.

He did not take any pictures, but was a bit upset due to what we did to his outdoor "sandbox"

Here are the results of some hard work and patience. The hard work was done by Dad and myself, and the patience part was Susan, who was the "artist" of this project.

She is the one that is solving the "jigsaw" puzzle, cause only she has the picture.

So basically here is how it was done.

Chose a flagstone:
Which consisted of picking up the closest one, look at it, then look where it can fit, which is almost anywhere, however, there are some decisons to be made, see Susan above.

Then carry the flagstone to that location and drop. This by far is the easiest aspect of the project, but one must be alert as to where one's toes are during the dropping. Then all you have to do is...............

Dust off and repeat....

Over and over and over again......

This is mid stage of Phase Four. There will be more flagstone to lay, and then shift them around until they "fit". Then onto Phase Five, getting this thing finished.