Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is a lousy day, I am tired and have a sore throat

Life is good, in general. The day is just lousy.

Here is the question, Are the days themselves lousy or just the stuff that happens on those days? It is not like salted in the shell peanuts, every now and then, you open a shelled peanut and find a dried up and ugly peanut, therefore, a lousy peanut, I am thinking that it is not the day, just the stuff that happens on that particular day.

Something in the back of my mind is concerned about the above analogy, but I like peanuts so it will stay.

So I guess all my days are great, since they are there, and only come once It would be best to be glad of that and any day.

So we come to the conclusion that lousy stuff, happens. The day is not responsible. So I guess the phrase "I am having a lousy day", is not directed at that day, be it Monday, Thursday or any of the other seven.

So to keep on topic of the title of this blog. Today is a lousy day, not because of the day, but because I am in this day and I am tired and have a sore throat.

And I had to work on this day, and it seems that the word "work" is always preceeded with the words "had to". Go ahead and test it. Most of the time that the use of the word "work" or similar word is used, it always follows "had to".

So for me at this time, a lousy day consist of, work, being tired and a sore throat. But what about this blogging moment, I like doing this, so is the day still lousy, my throat would agree, as well as other worn out body parts.

But for me this day is turning out just fine, cause I like writting this blog.

I am at home, my wife is watching a movie, the cats are not running amok in the house, I am still tired and have to work tomorrow. Is the day still lousy? not really, just parts of is those lousy "hours" that mess up the day, but that is for another blog.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A reason to Blog?

The thing about a blog, is what to blog?

There is also the big question, When to blog? Which is not that important, unless there's a select group needing to check in at preset times each week, I guess it has something to do with schedules, or checking their calendar.

I have a calendar, however, So I will know what month it is, and at times I'm lucky to know the day. I just know that I have to work tomorrow, so that is all the info I need as well as being off Monday.

There is a guy that is gonna to dig up some dirt for me, so I can build a parking area beside my, I mean "our" driveway. I've been married for eight years, the usage of "we" as opposed to "I" is one of those things that I (notice I did not use "we") need to work on.

I am guessing that some of you are wondering about what I said about a guy digging up dirt and what that has to do with anything. I, yes that was just me, not a "we" situation, was thinking of having a flagstone laying party at my..opps.. I was getting the hang of the I/we thing and ran headlong into a my/our situation. Let me rephrase, I was thinking of having a flagstone laying party at our house.

The beauty of this invite is that it is does not have an exact date in mind, so those "calendar driven, or is that calendar dependent" folks have an out. For this time only the following will be acceptable. "I wish you would have told me earlier, I have already booked.. ___________(fill in the blank) for that time."

Now to answer the burning question, A reason to blog?. Cause my dad wants me to.

And that is as good enough reason as any.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Today is Monday March, 24, 2008

The title of this post is kinda fitting since this is the day that I am writing this. I had a great day on Sunday with my Family (capitalized cause they are a special bunch of folks). I worked the weekend, and have a few comments about the Easter holiday

Intresting fact. Easter baskets are not purchased till the week of the big event, they sat in the store for at least a month..sitting..sitting...waiting for that day. Then bam, gone..sold out..within a week. ( bad sad... for those that wait till the last minute.. there is a lesson there..)

So the big question is Why the gift baskets of toys and candy????

Easter is not supposed to be like Christmas, although both holidays are centered around the same person, there is a distinct difference.

Christmas is about giving gifts, The gift received by us from God, Jesus. We give gift to acknowlege this.

Easter is about the gift we received. Easter is the time of true thanksgiving..not of what we have, but what we were given, that being salvation, pretty neat gift if you ask me.

This is my blog for now.

I was told to write one a week, I will try to stay the course. If anyone has a topic they would like to discuss, please let me know. out chocolate should be a year round I am "down" with that..

PSS "down" is slang for "I concur with your postion on said subject". So if you wanted to comment on my post and you agree with could say ....Yo dawg I'm down wit dat.

PSSS "Yo dawg" is slang for "Yes (or Hark) , my friend"

PSSSS "wit" and "dat" Is just "with" and "that" but with an attidude.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It is almost Spring and I have not blogged

Well, it seems that I have been slighly amiss in blogging. Since I am new to this, I did not realize that there were time intervals for blogging. I though you just blogged when you had the need to blog. I am not sure I can dealt with the pressure of having to blog. Blogging for me is a mean of expressing myself in words or pictures.

There really is no point to this blog post or Blost, (this is a new word I just created for the internet.), well there is. And If I have to make a statement, then a statment I will make.

The statement is, I will blog when I want to blog, or better still, when I have something of worth to share to the masses, or at least the masses that read this blog. Which seem to be a few, which is not bad. But as far as the world wide population goes, the percentages is way below my projected audience.

So for those expecting a blog from me, here it tis.

I think I will post another one least before I go to the beach with my family..yeah!!!!