Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to survive a sore throat and the Christmas holiday

One thing the bothers me the most is a sore throat, it's not enough to slow you down, but just enough to want to. I am at the end of a couple of weeks of dealing with a sore throat.

This one happened at the end of last year, so now I have an entire year to get another sore throat. Which will happen around the start of spring. How do I know that? And since this is the premise of this blog, I will tell you how I know.

For the longest time I would get a sore throat at the beginning of spring. It took me a while to figure this out, but the first thing would be, my head would get kinda fuzzy (this could also be the reason it took me a while to figure it out), my throat would get scratchy, and then my nose would get stuffy then the final stage was blowing my nose...and then all would be right in the world.

I did not need any major medication, just some hard candy to ease the scratchiness, a cup of hot tea and a few aspirin. The cause of this was my sinuses...yeap simple as that, Due to pollen and a shift of weather, from winter to spring, from breathing clear to sneezing.

But since the weather now shifts more frequently I am prone to get one during the end of the year when the weather changes are more severe...So now I am guesses you are wondering what this has to do with Christmas.

It got cold around Christmas, and it very busy at work, I was also getting that fuzzy head, the scratchy throat and the I wanna lay down and die feeling. The roughest part is the scratchy throat and sleeping, it seems that they don't like each other, and I am stuck in the middle.

So for Christmas I was at the end of the scratchy throat phase and into the more subtle stuffy nose stage, but at least my head was clear, or more less fuzzy, but as it seem this is been a life long affliction, that I have learned to live or rather co-exist with.

Due to many various career choices and my family honors the birth of Christ during the day prior to the rest of the known world, has been a challenge and tends to limit my options.

So if I have to work with a sore throat, stuffy nose and fuzzy head, then I will spend time with my family even though for a short time on the day before Christmas. The food, fun and fellowship was short but very sweet.

Now a week into the new year, a tasty new year meal with my family and now that my wife is at the end of her own illness, life is good