Friday, November 30, 2007

Testing the photo insert option

This blog is about photos and how to put them in your blog, or rather my blog. The main issue is I have no clue or at least a very small one, that may require the services of a CSI team to find.

So I will use this blog to "test the waters" and now more than ever has that phrase changed it's meaning.

So far test number one failed.

Now onto test number two........ It seems that I have figured it all out, I am sure that I will be "tweaking" it a bit from time to time. Why is it that when I hear the word "tweak" I think of pinching someone. Just give someone a little tweak..I am sure it will alter their day.

Oh ....the picture, that is Buddy (his story is for another blog...which will include the three cat theory). I think he is wondering if I have any idea of what I am doing, and he is probably correct. He is the bestest of the lot of cats that we have had, and at this time I would like to state that I am expressing my own opinion and in no way does this express the views of my wife.

Look foward to more photos to be included in my blogs.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The family is a great thing to have.

I think I can safely say I have been blessed.

If given the choice to have another family, I would have to pass on that, cause I know I could get worse, but not sure if I would get a better family. I am not just refering to my parents or siblings, but the others as well.

Of all the things that I would like to improve or do, never has the idea of changing any aspect of my family. Before you go and say, "You can not have that great of a family" It is true, there are some aspects of my family that are way less than perfect, but you have to understand is that we don't delve on that, but quiet the opposite, we spend time on pointing out what good things we do. (there is an important lesson in there.)

I could point out some problem areas, mistakes done, unwise decisions made and just plain bothersome stuff that we do to each other. But why delve, it is just a waste of time.

The thing is that we have learned that it is not us that makes the family, but who we belive in. I am a part of a Christian family, we all understand what the bible has to say, and Mom and Dad has always followed what is taught.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our first encounter with Cheddar

The is a story about out lost cat from a past blog.

This caculating feline, used it's charm to gain access to my wife and myself hearts. After two of my wife's cats, went to the litter box in the sky, we were left with one.
My wife told me that after all of her cats shuffled off their mortal fur, she would not get any more fur shedding, noise making, jump on ya when you trying to sleep, demanding food, spreading litter everywhere, scratching up the furniture and just being balls of fur... anymore. Or something to that effect, I may have added a bit.

Gees... I just noticed that I can only use a total of 25,000 characters, now I got to count this..will be back..
I was going to really count what I have written, but ya know, I just anit gonna do it..though it would have been funny...or a tad bit obessive. But don't let that stop you from doing it..knock your self out. I know your wanna find out, just so you can tell me what the amount is..go ahead will be fun.

Okay back to the cat. He is orange, and well, he's a bit of a rascal. I knew my wife wanted another cat and well this ner-do-well shows up on our steps, acting all innocent, being nice and loving. "Please pet me...I will love you and be your friend...I just wanna hang out with my new bestest buddies." We bought that hook, line, sinker, tackle box, boat, motor and even the wadders. The cat had us at Meow.

Oh we put up the strong, "let's think about it for a bit". Yeah right..You might as well sell me some swamp land in Florida, the Brooklyn Bridge, sure I'll take one, got any beads to go with it. This was not just any cat, a con artist, a cat buglar, he's got skills.

We decide to give him a name, but we were not sure what to call him. We had one remainding cat, Bobby.. she's a her, and she does not like me, well she does not like first meeting, or second or third or get the idea. I did not know that my wife had three cats for a couple of months while dating, she was just a blur of fur shooting across the floor..(the cat)
Bobby and I have an understanding, you leave me alone and I will do the same..unless there is tuna involved..then I am this special guy she wants to rub aganist. She is such a tuna lover. Are ya still counting the number of characters?

So the name for the cat, had to be special. Then I said we are going to have another shedder in the house, the color orange clicked in my brain, then shedder clicked in my brain then I came up with we named our cat Cheddar...Cheddar Cheese..
Cheddar loves to go outside, the reason he is inside is to eat and sleep, but he loves the outdoors..the wind in his face, sticks, weeds to attack and critters to chase, he is a free spirit..a rebel with uh.. claws.

Before we were going to permently keep this Houdini wannabe we needed to get his shots. So we keep him inside, but he managed to open the cat door to the screen porch, then rip open a hole and set his little wings a flapping, Oh and he knocked over the unplugged space heater covering the cat door, but he always comes back..every single time, does he purr and wannna be petted and loved..not he just trots over to the food bowl, and there better be food there..(actually he loves to be petted..who doesn't?)

He is a young and restless cat, he has loads of energy, is not the sedate lap cat, we want him to be, he is playful and fun to be around. Give him a ball, a stick or just a string and he is a happy cat.

He has the same understanding as I do with Bobby, most the time he get close to her..stares at her, then she slapped or hiss at him then she runs and he chases her.........and I smile.............

Right now he is outside, chasing something, or just laying around enjoying the cool air, not bad a life when you think about it......

....Cheddar we miss ya, but I am sure you are doing well.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Speaking of about food

I am all for the family getting together and having a big meal and spending time being thankful, it is one of the good parts of life. However, I would like to talk about the choice of food, that is consumed during this thankful day of......thankfulness. Or as it has become the week of spending lots of money, that one would not dare spend the other 51 weeks of the year.

It is marketing genuis, get the population fueled up on starches and then send them out the next day, buying stuff. And the intresting thing is most of the folks going out buying something are looking for a single item for a very low price. Some would have better odds buying a lottery ticket. Most of the stores have a very limited supply of the item, sometimes as little as two.

Back to the topic at hand, or at keyboard or monitor, whichever applies. I would like for those of brave pioneer spirit, bold risk taker as well as folk just wanting something different. To take the challenge to have different menus. Let's be thankful of our past, our ancestors and our choices

Pasta, pizza and seafood, etc... Change it up, let's be thankful of the freedom we have to break the yam, the cranberry and the pumpkin pie chains that create stress in the thankgiving experience.

Or for those steeped in tradtion, this is for the millions of shoppers out there. Most of you know what the menu will be for your Thanksgiving feast, so how about take a few weekends anytime during the year and go to your local grocery store(s), scout out the location of those high demand items that are bought by many only once a year, draw a map if needed. Do this so you will not bother the hard workers that are trying to fill the shelves with items you could have gotten months ago..the stuff is in cans, it will last a couple of years. Most of the fresh veggie and stuff are good for a week.

Oh and don't even think about getting a 20 pound frozen turkey on Wednesday..

Plan ahead, and be thankfull that God has given you a brain. Use it freely and often.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Holiday Idea Hallogivingmasday

Hallogivingmas, is a new holiday idea, this is mosty based in the spirit of commerce as well as making my job easier.

Here is how it works. Starting in October and ending on Jan 2 the following year. You can go around to others homes dressed up in a disguise, the wilder the better, Knock on their door and they will give you a gift wrapped dinner or item of their choice. In response you are to tell them what you will do to improve yourself over the next year. During that period there will be one day each month set aside for you to spend time with anyone you wish and give them dinner,a gift and a hug.

The rest of the year will involve all aspects of socity to "gear" up for the Hallogivingmasday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is a blog anyway

It seems that one can "blog" about anything. Blog, now that is an intresting word, is it a verb, or a noun. I am going to blog, and this is a blog. What exactly is a blog anyway, a weB LOG.

Why not call it a Welog. It is for more than one person to read, I mean if I was the only one to read it, why not call it a Melog, or mylog, or what is that old term..oh dairy, that's milk. I mean diary.

Like I would be caught doing a diary, Dear Diary...yeah that's gonna happen.

What exactly is a Blog, am I doing this correctly, or is there a form or a special protocol one can follow?

Oh for those reading these blurbs from my Blurb log or just Blog, there is a comment section below, for you to make please feel free to..uhh....comment.

Remember back when, people call the television the boob tube, mostly due to the inane, mindless shows. Now we have shows that have, multiple storylines and characters, deep plots and mult-layered meanings containing metaphores, similes, allegoric, and other english terms. Now folks are complaining about them being too involved. By the way that was the topic of the blog..just thought I would at least present an intelligent thought n this here Blog.

Well that is enough for now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cheddar has gone somewhere

A couple weeks ago, we lost Cheddar, well he is not lost, I am sure he knows where he is, but we don't. We have signs up, but I figure he can't read, so that was a waste of time. But some folks around the neighborhood that could read, have contacted us. But there were UFO sightiungs ..Unidentified Feline Observed. Cheddar would rather be outside anyway, I am sure if he wanted back he knows what to do.

We still have Bobby, Katrine and Buddy. Buddy is very much like Cheddar, they may be related.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let do the blog thing.

Thanks to B and M.. I am not going to say who they are but we all know them..they sent me their blog so I thought I would start my own blog..

This is not a lot to see at this moment, cause I am trying to figure it all out..