Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day at the Beach Part Three

A day at the beach part three.

It has been about a month since the beach trip, however, there are still a few more things left to share about my time with my family.

This "Day at the Beach" blog is about my mom. She is a special lady. She is patience, caring and very helping. She is a great Mom!

She loves to spend time with her Greatgrand children.

Savannah and...

Mason, to name a few.

She likes cooking for the family.......

She enjoys visting with friends...

And to go on walks with her husband.

She is a great Grandmother, Mother, Friend, Wife, Cook and Housekeeper

I am proud of my Mom.

I am not ashamed to be out in public with her at my Dad's 80th birthday dinner.
But when the cards hit the table and the shuffler come out..

She is a sight to behold.

She whooped up on her sons, with the help of my wife Susan. When it comes to Canasta, my mom become a machine..but not an adding my dad states.

She don't cheat just makes math errors...
Seriously, I love playing cards with my mom..who wouldn't..well someone that don't like to lose..that's who.

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Glenn A.Gurley said...

Mom had a few tears,so keep on writting.