Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have decided to post yet another blog about blogs.

It seems that there are thousands of blogs laying around cyberspace and most are unique, but basically it is one person's means to express themselves, or at least communicate something that others will find as having value.

Most of what I blog is for my family, therefore limiting the meaning or value of the blog to those not related. Unless they find my family interesting for themselves. I find some personal blogs interesting, but I'm not going to invite it over for dinner and a movie. I have no time for Blogs that are out to sell something. Not the ones with an ad, but when the entire blog is about what they are selling.

I have a cluster map which shows that there are many people looking at my blog. I did post a poll to find out which of my favorite television shows were liked by those that visited my blog and for 6 days only one person responded and stated they did not like them. One person..that's like 100% of the number of people that participated in the poll did not like my favorite shows. What up with that? There have been 200 people visit my blog, I know at least 19 of those folks. So who are the other 181? And which one answered my poll?

I think my stuff is interesting. Jorge Garcia, the guy that plays Hugo Reyes on LOST, one of my favorite television shows that was listed in the poll (see above), he has a blog. He post about stuff, just normal everyday stuff, like growing plants, his dog, or the time he was in Monte Carlo. Okay touring Monte Carlo is not normal everyday stuff, well not for me anyway. However, he gets lots more comments than I do. I post about normal stuff, well not Monte Carlo. My time with my family at the beach was great and normal. I guess I would have to be an actor starring in a hit show, to get more comments. Still a comment would be nice, maybe I will blog about something controversial

It seems that I have gotten to my preset limit on the length of a blog. I think the longer blogs are not read as much as shorter ones. Maybe I will post a poll on the length preferences that folks like to read, and if they like or don't like to make comments.

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Glenn A.Gurley said...

Whatever you will write I will read, Keep on writting.