Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I may have spoken too soon about blogging in July

In the last blog I stated that July was a dry blogging month, well I may have been a bit early in making that announcement. I gots another blog to do, and it is just under the wire. Lots has happened in the last 48 hours.

I bought and sold a vehicle. I sold my Ford Explorer which was on it's last legs, or axles as the case may be. I bought a 2008 Chevolet Aveo LS. I wanted to get a smaller car and to save gas mileage as well.

Two weeks ago I started looking, and then I found this vehicle. More or less stumbled upon it, yesterday, took it for a test drive, was offered a price, I wanted to check another place and they were able to beat the first dealer, by a little. I called the first dealer to let them know I may be getting a car elsewhere and before I could tell them anything, they gave me a much better price, so I called back the other dealer to let them know and they countered with a much better offer, which I took. Had I been impolite, and not called to let the know, I would have not gotten as good a deal.

Now onto the Ford Explorer, the last few cars I have had, were donated to the kidney foundation, and I used it as a tax deduction. I was planning to do the same with the explorer, due to the transmission which was wearing out, as well as having a non-cooling air conditioner, or as I would call it, my inboard hair dryer, and since I have not much hair, I did not need that extra feature.

I took the Explorer to my dad's so he could try to sell it, today I went over and cleaned out the car and washed it. My dad took it to a neighborhood auto shop, to have the guy check it out, and he was given an offer to buy it. I was offered a bit more than I would have be okay to sell it for and sold it.

So July still ended as a low blogging month. And the neat thing is that I was able to do all the car dealing with the help of my dad.

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Glenn A.Gurley said...

Just wait until the first payment comes due? the fun will disapear.