Sunday, July 27, 2008

July a dry blogging month

It seems that July has been a dry blogging month for me. I guess it is the heat, or my new work schedule, or looking for a new car, or making new creatures for SPORE.

SPORE? You ask...uh what is SPORE? It is a computer game. Well actually it is a number of computer games smashed into one single game. For those that are not computer gamers may not understand, but most games can be put into groups. I have not yet played the actually game, but have been working with the creature editor. With the editor, one can create any number of animated creatures like those seen in a Pixar movie. The game is being released on September 7, 2008. If you are intrested please drop by for my review.

I moved to another department in my job, and have to deal with the new aspects of what to do, and well it is more like being thrown into a situation and having to make it work. Which is fine but somewhat frustrating. It is that when I was done with work, I just was not up for any blogging.

I have wanted to get another car, for reasons of gas, as well as it is getting about time to get a new vehicle. I don't drive that much, work is close as well as any where I need to go, however, I still need a car. The other thing about my car is the transmission is messing up and has been for a while, as well as the air conditioner does not work. I could spend $1500.00 to fix the transmission and some more for the air conditioner, but then I would still be driving a car I don't like. I will be going car shopping with my Dad and it will be fun for us to harrass the sales people. By the way, the other week when we when looking at the cars, the sale person said they were flying off the be careful when you go past a Toyota lot.

I will need to do any update on the parking area, which is operational, as much as parking a car on it, but there is more to do, and we now have two more pallets of flagstone. Will it ever end? Oh and there is talk of getting railroad ties to boarder the parking area...oh what joy it will be, hauling that around.

July is about over and I need to do a blog, at least once a month. So this is that blog.

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Glenn A.Gurley said...

Well at least we know that your still around, Just keep on blogging and we will keep on reading,